My Gym fitness centre helps young children with physical development through coach-led classes. This review of My Gym shows you how the gym works and what to expect on your next visit.

My Gym has fun-filled classes for kids from 6 weeks old to 10 years. Their trained staff leads structured classes incorporating music, dance, games, gymnastics, sports, and more. With over 700 locations in more than 30 countries, it’s obvious they’re experts in childhood development.

Physical movement is essential for kids of all ages, and therefore we have some climbing equipment at home and often visit indoor and outdoor playgrounds with our almost-two-year-old son.

I have been drawn to visit My Gym ever since my friend told me about all the games they play and the equipment they use. It sounded like a fantastic place, especially on coldest winter days when there is limited outdoor movement.

Our experience with My Gym in Calgary

We’ve bought Unlimited classes pass for 29 Cad, which gave us access to as many age-appropriate classes as we wanted during two weeks. We attended the Gymsters Class twice and unfortunately couldn’t book more classes because they’re booked well in advance.

My Gym in Calgary

The northwest location in Calgary has one big gym with slides, a climbing wall, a basketball hoop, lots of soft climbing equipment, toys, and padding on the floor.

The classes are 50 minutes long, and parents stay in the gym, either watching their older children or actively participating in the class for younger kids.

Gymsters Class at My Gym

Our Gymsters Class was for 15-month-old to 2-year 8-month-old toddlers. It started with circle time and an introduction. The coach and about 12 parents with kids on their laps sit in the circle. The coach sang a rhyme, some parents joined, played and danced with their kids.

My Gym in Calgary

A few minutes later, the two coaches brought some hanging toys encouraging kids to play with them. The coaches then packed up the toys and brought new equipment. It was the first part of the class. My guess is that each part lasted about 5-7 minutes.

My Gym in Calgary

The coaches brought some swings and hung them on the ceiling for the next part. There were about four swings, and kids were taking turns on them. There was also one zip line swing where the coach helped a child get into the seat swing and walked with them while on the zipline.

My son was intrigued by the zipline, but he changed his mind when he found out there was a stranger. He was engaged in free play most of our time, as well as a few other kids.

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Jumping from a board onto a soft mat was the next part. Some kids were eager to jump, and some ran around doing their own thing.

My son was most interested in the slide set up in the gym the whole time and the pylons he likes to stack.

Another fun part of the program was when coaches brought out some toys, balls, musical instruments and played with kids. They encouraged parents to step back to slowly help kids with separation anxiety.

Gymsters Class ended with singing and dancing.

Even though we haven’t engaged much in the structured program, I was happy my son warmed up to the new environment, played and climbed everywhere.

Overall I liked the classes as there were a lot of new activities during the 50 minutes, but it was fast-paced, and it seemed to me like kids didn’t get enough time to play with everything during each time block.

But it also might be that I’m a new parent, new at kids classes, and this is how it works. I encourage you to give My Gym a try and see if your kid enjoys it. After all, it doesn’t matter what I think but what your kid thinks.

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Info for visiting My Gym in Calgary

  • Address: #118, 15 Royal Vista Place NW
  • Contact: My Gym Calgary
  • Open: daily (you need to book a class in advance)
  • Admission:
    • 2 weeks trial for 29 Cad
    • 4 weeks of unlimited classes for 129 Cad for pre-registered weekly classes
    • Practice & Play 5 classes for 75 Cad, 5 Class Pass for any class for 175 Cad, 10 Class Pass for any class for 340 Cad

My Gym in Calgary

Useful tips

  • Most classes are structured play, but there’s also a ‘Practise & play’ option for all ages where the kids engage in free play
  • Dress your kid and yourself in light, stretchy clothes; it gets hot very quickly when running around
  • Kids can be barefoot or wearing socks

Hope you found this review helpful and give My Gym a try, wherever in the world you are.

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Would you like to visit My Gym with your kid? Let us know about your experience if you do.

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