The Beach YYC is the only indoor sandy beach in Calgary. Play volleyball, Frisbee, or soccer, or visit with your kids to dig or build sand castles.

The indoor beach is one of our favourite indoor playgrounds in Calgary, especially in winter. Playing with snow is fun, but since we don’t have enough warm days or a beach in Calgary (except for Sikome Lake), playing in the sand is always a treat for kids.

The Beach YYC

The Beach YYC

It was freezing outside when we visited in winter, but the giant hall was heated. While I would wear socks during the coldest days, it was so refreshing to walk barefoot on the sand in the middle of winter.

The Beach YYC

The owner was super friendly and very accommodating. We signed the waiver when we came in, put away our jackets and shoes, and went to play in the sand.

The Beach YYC

The Beach YYC has 5 indoor courts for beach volleyball, and while kids play, one is dedicated to kids. A huge box of beach toys is provided with lots of shovels, buckets, diggers, and balls.

The Beach YYC

On the side of the hall are picnic tables with games and even a beach-inspired Tiki Bar with drinks and snacks.

The Beach YYC

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The foot wash bay located just next to the entrance is great for washing your feet after you leave and filling buckets of water for building sand castles.

If you prefer, there are spacious changing rooms with showers.

I was surprised only a handful of kids were playing, so we had plenty of space and toys. And I’m glad the owners also thought about parents and provided them with beach chairs to rest while kids play.

We’ll be going back!

Info for visiting The Beach YYC

  • Address: 3030-2600 Portland Street SE, Calgary, T2G 4M6
  • Contact: The Beach YYC; (403-475-4031)
  • Open for drop-in kids play: Monday & Wednesday from 10 am to 11:30 am
  • Admission: drop-in for 10 Cad/child

Useful tips for kids play at The Beach YYC

  • Admission is for kids; adults can supervise the child for free
  • Bring a towel to wash your feet after the play session
  • You can bring your drinks and snacks but can only consume them at picnic tables
  • Free big parking lot in front of the building

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