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we’ve got you covered. Our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to get outdoors and have fun without breaking the bank. And not only that. In 2019, we’ve started Smile Campervans, a campervan rental company or as we call it ‘Your home on wheels in the Canadian Rockies’.

We’re constantly looking for ways to provide you more to make your trip unforgettable. That was one of the reasons we created an e-book ’12 adventures for 12 months’ which you can get for free when you sign up for our newsletter. So don’t wait too long, you only live once. Start planning your own adventure!

Read below from a selection of the best articles on our blog.

Our craziest adventures

During our trip around the world, we’ve managed to try many new things outside the popular easy-to-get-to tourist attractions. We’ve challenged our strengths and weaknesses, fought fear and sometimes stared right at it. Read our most craziest adventures below (and still more to come).

Visiting the tallest waterfall in the World in Venezuela

Trekking on active volcano in Lombok, Indonesia

First mountaineering experience in Peru

Hitchhiking across Patagonia in Chile & Argentina

Biking one of the world’s most dangerous roads in Peru

Running the alpine multi-day trek in New Zealand

Adventure travel guides

Are you ready to take a trip? Browse our comprehensive adventure travel guides where we include our tips for visiting, best things to do, breakdown of seasons and when to visit, budget tips, and more. You won’t find here museum or restaurant recommendations but instead, adventurous activities that will make you say: “I can’t believe I did that!”.

Epic guide to the Canadian Rockies

Adventure travel guide to Peru

Adventure travel guide to Chile

Trip around the world

The best & worst from our 2-year trip around the world. Read through our monthly recaps to find out how many kilometers we traveled, what transport we used, daily budget, map of visited places, and more.

Travel tips

As we continue to travel, no matter how far from home, we make mistakes. Everybody does. After so many challenging trips and situations we’ve been through, we picked up some skills and smart tips that will make your travels easier. It’s true that your best teacher is your own mistake. But it’s also good to be prepared so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

How to be a responsible traveler

19 smart travel tips for your next trip

How to find good & cheap accommodation

Tips for staying safe while traveling

How to find cheap flights

Hiking packing list

Visiting Canadian Rockies soon?

Rent our campervan to be “Your home on wheels in the Canadian Rockies”!

Stories from the road

Thsi is where you will learn, laugh and read about things that will make you think about the world and different cultures. As we like to often travel beyond the beaten path, we experience strange or beautiful encounters with people, wildlife, and diferent ways of life that wouldn’t be posible otherwise when sticking to popular areas.

33-hour trip to visit the southernmost city in the World in Chile

My tarantula experience in Venezuela

High altitude running at the birthplace of Incas in Bolivia

Guns & danger – the truth about traveling in El Salvador

Boat crossing from El Salvador to Nicaragua through pirate waters

Visiting indigenous tribe in Venezuelan jungle

Our motto: “Let the adventure be the fuel of your life.”

Travel inspiration

Wheather ou’re not sure where to go next or just need a little pick me up, our inspirational posts will surey spark your wanderlust. Browse our colourful photo essays from the most beautiful places around the World, I’m sure some will really surprise you. Or read our favourite adventure quotes (and print out one of the graphics to look at every day).

50 insane pictures of Chile to inspire your travels

77 adventure quotes to inspire you to take action

Canadian Rockies from above (+video)

How to find travel freedom

55 amazing pictures to inspire you to visit Nicaragua

Around the World in 2018

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Europeans at heart, we now reside near the Canadian Rockies, the infinite playground for outdoor adventures. We moved to Canada 7 years ago to try something new and start new life. We go muntain biking, trail running or ice skating whenever possible and encourage everyone to try new things and expand horizons. That’s where the magic happens.

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