The B-Line indoor bike park is a huge space for kids and adults to improve their bike skills with many different terrain levels of pump tracks and jumps.

When you think Calgary can’t be any cooler because it has an indoor beach, you find an indoor bike park. What a treat for bikers of all ages and skill levels.

While we might have snow for six months, you can bike year-round!

Ever since we visited B-Line indoor bike park in January, our son has asked to go again; it’s his favourite indoor playground in Calgary. The staff is super friendly; they offer bike rentals and even bike lessons.

This blog post explains what you can expect when you visit B-Line indoor bike park.

B-Line Indoor Bike Park

B-Line Indoor Bike Park

From the moment you step out of your car, you can bike. Once you enter the building, there are stairs or a ramp to go down and pay the admission fee.

They have an extensive selection of bikes, helmets, and pads to either rent or buy.

We put our backpack in the cubby to eat snacks at one of the many picnic tables later and went straight for pump tracks. Well, my son went off before I even noticed which way.

I like how colour-coded the tracks are. Kids rode on green and blue (easy and moderate), while advanced riders jumped on black (difficult) tracks.

The first section of the bike park is for kids or beginner riders. The pump tracks have a nice flow, with several to choose from. The second area in this beginner section is a small track with a seesaw, where we spent the most time.

B-Line Indoor Bike Park

B-Line Indoor Bike Park

The bike park’s second and bigger section has many different features. There are pump tracks of different difficulties, many jumps, a natural wooden boardwalk, and ramps with a foam pit where you can practise jumps.

B-Line Indoor Bike Park

I always loved the biking community and found everyone at the bike park very friendly and cautious of little kids biking around.

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Our son had a great time, and I didn’t mind chasing him or occasionally just supervising his rides from afar when I saw his huge smile and getting more confident on the bike.

B-Line Indoor Bike Park

Info for visiting B-Line Indoor Bike Park

  • Address: Unit 6-401 33rd Street NE, Calgary T2A 7R3 (by Marlborough Mall)
  • Contact: B-Line Indoor Bike Park; (403 764-7433)
  • Open: Monday to Thursday from 3 pm to 10 pm, Friday & Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm, and Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm
  • Admission: 10 Cad/kids 0-3 years, 20 Cad/kids 4-7 years, adult day pass 35 Cad
  • Deal: 37.50 Cad includes rentals and 1 hour of riding; passes and memberships are also available

B-Line Indoor Bike Park

Useful tips for B-Line Indoor Bike Park

  • If you’re supervising your child, you don’t have to pay the admission fee
  • Bike rentals for all ages are available
  • Bring drinks and snacks to break up your ride (there’s no time limit for riding)
  • Bring a locker or a loonie if you need a locker
  • There are changing rooms with showers
  • Free big parking lot in front of the building

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