An honest review of the Kidz Go indoor playground in Calgary with tips for your next visit.

Is there anything better than indoor playgrounds for the coldest winter days in Calgary? After visiting the Hide and Seek indoor playground, I was looking forward to seeing different playgrounds and how our son would like them.

Kidz Go indoor playground blew my mind. The setup for each age category was huge.

This is my review for families wanting to visit Kidz Go indoor playground.

Kidz Go indoor playground

A blown-up Olaf snowman from Frozen greeted our son when we walked into the building. And judging by his huge smile, I knew this would be a fun afternoon.

After signing the waiver and paying the entrance fee, we put our shoes on the shelf and the rest of our stuff in a locker they provide for free. The staff stamped our hands with the same number, which they check when leaving so nobody is going with a different child.

Kidz Go indoor playground

Entering through the locked gate, a massive arcade area is right in front of us, with many flashing lights and beeping sounds.

The café and sitting area

Immediately to the left is a fast-food-type restaurant serving burgers, hot dogs, pizza, fries, pasta, rice bowls, salads, drinks and snacks. It’s an impressive menu with lots of different meals to choose from.

Kidz Go indoor playground

The sitting area is huge with lots of tables and TVs. I can imagine parents of older kids getting a break here, but you can’t see the play area well from here, so I had to walk around with my boy.

There’s also a separate area with massage chairs and small shops of Kidz Go merchandise.

Racing zone

The racing zone with small electric cars was a hit. With the painted track, there are racing competitions held for older kids. There wasn’t any age limit posted for using the cars, and with help from Michal, our son drove around like a racer.

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Infant area

I liked the Kidz Go indoor playground because they also thought about the tiniest humans when creating the playground. The infant area is carpeted and has a little soft climber, several cars for sitting and playing, and other toys.

Toddler zone

The toddler zone of Kidz Go indoor playground is much bigger than at Hide and Seek playground with lots of moving electric toys. There’s a light-up slide, a lot of blocks for stacking, a climber with four slides and a ball pit, swings, and a couple of merry-go-rounds.

Kidz Go indoor playground

Parents could watch their kids from the bar chairs on the edge of the toddler zone.

Another section of the playground has big slides and obstacles.

Several birthday rooms are lined up on the side, and a family room for nursing and diaper changing. An area with huge soft blocks is right next to it. Kids were building a castle and kept climbing in and out of it.

The big climber and slides

The big climber with many tunnels and slides spreads across half of the building! I didn’t see any sign for an age limit and was very surprised our almost 2 year old wasn’t intimidated by the giant slides. I was sad I missed out on sliding while I ate fries.

He enjoyed the steep slide with the ball pit the most. The see-through volcano slides looked very cool, but that’s for older kids as you have to climb up holding the rope.

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Kidz Go indoor playground

The obstacles and tunnels throughout the climber were relatively easy to go through but still challenging for little ones. I enjoyed walking through the obstacles with my son and sometimes helping him along the way. I think it’s easy to get lost in this monster.

Kidz Go indoor playground

We spent here almost three hours and still had to convince our son it was time to leave.

He had the best time, and we will be coming back.

Info for visiting Kidz Go indoor playground

  • Address: 688 Heritage Dr SE #100, Calgary, AB (near IKEA)
  • Contact: 1-877-835-7059, [email protected], Kidz Go Play
  • Open: Monday – Thursday from 10 am to 7 pm, Friday – Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm
  • Admission:
    • Monday – Thursday: 9.45 Cad 1-3 years, 12.35 Cad 4-13 years
    • Friday – Sunday/holiday: 13.25 Cad 1-3 years, 15.25 Cad 4-13 years
  • Deal: Multi-pass for 10 entries costs 52.95 Cad (1-3 years), 72.95 Cad (4-14 years), both valid Monday – Thursday
    • They also run several daily offers like free coffee until noon on Mondays or 50% off of the entrance fee on certain days

Useful tips for Kidz Go indoor playground

  • Kids under one and adults are free
  • Up to 2 adults can accompany a kid
  • No strollers are allowed inside
  • Kids and adults must wear regular socks, no bare feet or shoes
  • Overall the whole place was spotless, bathrooms included
  • The only thing I found annoying was the lights and sounds from the big arcade area because it’s located in the middle of the building, visible from anywhere and somewhat “in the way”
  • No outside food or drinks are allowed, so you need to purchase everything in their café
  • Free big parking lot in front of the building

Kidz Go indoor playground

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Have you visited the Kidz Go indoor playground? Share with us your experience in the comments.

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