The Sky Castle indoor playground is one of the newest in Calgary, with lots of slides, obstacles, a ninja course, and a toddler play area.

We’ve recently visited The Sky Castle indoor playground in our quest to visit all indoor playgrounds in Calgary and find the best ones.

This is my honest review with tips for visiting at the end.

Sky Castle indoor playground

It’s located north of Calgary, in the New Horizon Mall, on the 2nd floor. There’s the giant playground with climbers and slides and a Mini Town for imaginative play.

They have the same entrance system as other indoor playgrounds, stamping your and your child’s hand with the same number and checking the number when you’re leaving so nobody else can leave with your kid.

There’s a small arcade space as you walk in, and then the main playground starts.

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Play area for older kids

Sky Castle indoor playground’s most visible feature is the pastel-coloured castle across the whole area with obstacles inside and lots of fully closed slides. The downside of the fully closed slides is that it’s forbidden to ride them with a kid in your lap, so it’s only suitable for older kids.

Sky Castle indoor playground

There’s one big open slide you can only use with inflatable donuts/tubes, but the surface was either not functioning correctly, or the donuts were not the suitable material as it was incredibly slow for all kids.

Sky Castle indoor playground

At the end of the playground, a ninja course was built for older kids, an ideal place for gaining strength and testing their balance.

Sky Castle indoor playground

Play area for toddlers

The middle of the playground area is dedicated to toddlers, given the obstacles I saw. Across the big Sky Castle climbing structure, there’s a smaller climber for toddlers with a fully closed slide, which none of the small kids wanted to use. Maybe because it was dark inside and they were afraid, that was the case for our son. Our almost 2-year-old loved playing with light blocks and building towers.

Sky Castle indoor playground

The most popular spot for our son and other smaller kids was the “pit ball shower”. You feed the pit balls into air-filled tubes; they travel up into a basket, and once the basket is full, it opens, and all the balls fall.

Sky Castle indoor playground

Another fantastic feature is an open slide from a small castle located at the end of the play area. There are many soft cubes surrounding the small castle where kids can crawl around to get to the slide or build towers.

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Sitting area

A large sitting area is located next to the small castle with foam blocks providing a good view of the whole playground to watch your kids.

A concession stand offers chips, chicken wings, nachos, donuts, french fries, poutine, onion rings, and a selection of pizza with different toppings. For drinks, you can have a soda, coffee or a smoothie.

What I like the most is that they offer milk, chocolate milk, and ice cream in a cone.

Mini Town

Mini Town is built for imaginative play encouraging kids to socialize while they “run the town”. A small community for preschoolers has a fire hall, police station, supermarket, and beauty salon.

It’s located across the entrance to the main playground and has a separate entrance fee.

Info for visiting the Sky Castle indoor playground

  • Address: New Horizon Mall, 260300 Writing Creek Crescent Unit K1 AB, T4A 0X8
  • Contact: Website; 403-988-3980
  • Open: Monday – Sunday from 10:30 am to 8 pm
  • Admission:
    • Monday – Friday: 12.99 Cad 1-3 years, 17.99 Cad 4-13 years
    • Saturday – Sunday/holiday: 14.99 Cad 1-3 years, 19.99 Cad 4-13 years
  • Admission to Mini Town is 12.99 Cad for all kids, including coffee, tea, and snacks

Useful tips for The Sky Castle indoor playground

  • Free WiFi is available
  • Locker costs 8 Cad
  • There is no area or toys for infants and no nursing room
  • Kids under one and adults are free
  • Up to 2 adults can accompany a kid
  • Grip socks are mandatory, although they aren’t checking what socks you’re wearing as long as you have some. You can purchase grip socks for 2.99 Cad
  • No outside food or drinks are allowed, so you need to purchase everything in their café
  • They don’t have birthday rooms for rent
  • The huge free parking lot around the mall

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Have you visited The Sky Castle indoor playground? Share with us your experience in the comments.

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