Let us show you the most beautiful wall murals in Calgary with a downloadable map to find them.

2020 was a very strange year. There was a period when we weren’t allowed a trip to the mountains where we usually spend our free time.

We started looking for more trips in the city and stumbled upon murals in Calgary. Some murals we found were part of the yearly Bump Festival, transforming Calgary into an open-air gallery.

As a result, there are now more than 50 murals created during Bump Festival and many others.

What I like about searching for murals is that you can do it year-round. While we’ve been biking around in spring, in winter, we’ve been walking with the stroller. If you’re looking to have more fun in winter, we’ve got you covered with our Calgary winter guide.

Enjoy a walk or a bike ride and discover amazing murals in Calgary. And don’t forget to check out the map at the end so you can easily find them (we’re constantly adding more).

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26 amazing wall murals in Calgary

1. Colourful human

  • Location: 591 17 Ave SW
  • Artist: Troy Lovegates

Murals in Calgary

2. Infinity

  • Location: backside of 926 16 Ave SW
  • Artist: unknown

Murals in Calgary

3. Abstract

  • Location: 1022 17 Ave SW
  • Artist: Nasarimba

Murals in Calgary

4. Cowboy boots

  • Location: 1126 17 Ave SW
  • Artist: Jill Stanton

Murals in Calgary

5. Colourful man

  • Location: 1039 17 Ave SW
  • Artist: Fluke

Murals in Calgary

6. Blackfoot

  • Location: 1232 17th Ave SW
  • Artist: Kalum Teke Dan

Murals in Calgary

7. Woman with an indigenous skirt

  • Location: 1333 13 Ave SW
  • Artist: Mike Valcourt

My favourite mural in Calgary. An amazing mix of Calgary’s skyline and indigenous culture.

Murals in Calgary

8. Fish and pigeons

  • Location: 10 Ave & 12 St SW
  • Artist: Katie Green

Murals in Calgary

9. Bees

  • Location: 10 Ave & 12 St SW
  • Artist: Natalie Nehlawi

Murals in Calgary

10. Cougar in the mountains

  • Location: Saneal Cameras, 1410 11 Avenue SW
  • Artist: Curtis van Charles Sorenson

Murals in Calgary

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11. Kneeling woman with raven

  • Location: 10 Ave & 12 St SW (the other corner of mural Bees)
  • Artist: Nicole Wolf

Murals in Calgary

12. Wolf

  • Location: The Camera Store (802 11 Ave SW)
  • Artist: Gust of Wind Studio

Murals in Calgary

13. Lines

  • Location: 815 10th Ave SW
  • Artist: The Kid Belo

Murals in Calgary

14. Kings

  • Location: 820 11 Ave SW
  • Artist: Labrona

Murals in Calgary

15. Geese

  • Location: 708 11 Ave SW
  • Artist: Fats

Murals in Calgary

16. Mountains

  • Location: The Bike Shop, 1103 7 St SW
  • Artist: Ilana Pichon

Murals in Calgary

17. Cougar

  • Location: 735 12 Ave SW
  • Artist: Faith 47

Murals in Calgary

18. Indigenous woman

  • Location: City center parkade, 340 10 Ave SW
  • Artist: Kevin Ledo

Murals in Calgary

19. Books

  • Location: 1302 4 St SW
  • Artist: Kyle Simmers

Murals in Calgary

20. Macaw

  • Location: 1137 17 Ave SW
  • Artist: Toner
  • Mural statement: Companion

Murals in Calgary

21. Animal jungle

  • Location: 1240 12 Ave SW
  • Artist: Elena Bushan
  • Mural statement: Mother Nature

Murals in Calgary

22. People

  • Location: 1230 17 Ave SW
  • Artist: Doras
  • Mural statement: Upstream

Murals in Calgary

23. Triangle abstract

  • Location: 117 15 Ave SW
  • Artist: Rhys Douglas Farrell

Murals in Calgary

24. Squares

  • Location: 1409 4 St SW
  • Artist: James Wyper

Murals in Calgary

25. Bridgeland

  • Location: 629 1 Ave NE
  • Artist: Toner

Murals in Calgary

26. BeCubed

  • Location: 102 4 St. NE
  • Artist: Michelle Hoogveld

Murals in Calgary

Map of murals in Calgary

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