Ramsay Inclusive Playground is a new accessible playground with a tandem swing, slides, and a beautiful view of Calgary’s skyline. Here’s our review so you know what to expect when visiting (+more family-friendly activities at the end).

The City of Calgary opened 10 new inclusive playgrounds, and Ramsay Inclusive Playground is one of them. It is located close to Stampede Park and Elbow River and offers a great view of Calgary’s skyline.

Kids can play at the main climbing structure or run down the hill for swings. This two-tiered playground is fully accessible by the pathway.

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Ramsay Inclusive Playground

The Ramsay Inclusive Playground has a soft floor on both tiers. The upper tier has the main climbing structure with a ramp, slides, activity panels, rope climber, climbing wall, and an accessible merry-go-round. The lower tier has swings, a 4-person bouncer, and musical features.

There’s a picnic table at the upper tier and benches, boulders, and logs for sitting down the hill to the lower tier.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Ramsay Inclusive Playground.

Info about the Ramsay Inclusive Playground:

  • Location: 1024 Bellevue Ave SE, Calgary, T2G 4L1, Map
  • Parking: free small parking lot at the playgrounds’ lower tier and free street parking
  • Age range: 2-12 years
  • No public washroom; the closest one is at the Stampede Park, a few minutes away

Ramsay Inclusive Playground

Playground features

The main structure of the playground is located on the upper tier, and it’s accessible via a ramp or two other climbing options. Several activity panels are along the ramp leading to a slide. It’s connected to a rope climber leading to a higher slide.

Ramsay Inclusive Playground

 Ramsay Inclusive Playground

Ramsay Inclusive Playground

The upper tier also has a climbing wall and a fully wheelchair-accessible merry-go-round. The climbing wall and rope climber provide a good challenge for smaller kids.

Ramsay Inclusive Playground

Walking down the hill, you pass several logs where you can sit and enjoy the view.

The lower tier has a tandem swing, a saucer swing, a 4-person bouncer, and many musical features.

Ramsay Inclusive Playground

Ramsay Inclusive Playground

Ramsay Inclusive Playground

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Relax options

The playground has several seating options – manly boulders and logs, but also a few benches around the playground.

What’s close by

Bruhe Real Food Fuel on the corner of Bellevue Ave SE & MacDonald Ave SE, just across the playground, offers ice cream and many different snacks.

The Ramsay Inclusive Playground is also easily accessible by the Elbow River Pathway. You’re just a short ride away from many restaurants in Inglewood, East Village Playground and St. Patrick’s Island.

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