East Village Playground has climbers and slides for all levels, chairs and tables for parents to relax in, and Bow River and another indoor playground nearby; it’s a great spot year-round. Here’s our review, so you know what to expect when visiting (+more family-friendly activities at the end).

East Village has always been part of our outings around Calgary. We like to bike along the Bow River in warm months and cross-country ski the Nordic Loop by Fort Calgary in winter.

Now that we have a son, we added a few more favourite places in East Village. The first one is the East Village Playground. Funnily enough, we visited the playground for the first time in January when the temperature increased well above zero degrees. We enjoyed the playground and tried biking for the first time.   Luckily, the RiverWalk is always cleared of snow.

I love that East Village Playground has several natural elements and is also a nice place for parents.

This post is part of the series about the best playgrounds in Calgary.

East Village Playground

Here’s everything you need to know about the East Village Playground.

Info about the East Village Playground:

  • Location: the playground is in East Village, right by the garden shed, dog park, and music pavilion with a duck pond. Across the big grassy area is Fort Calgary, Map
  • Parking: Paid parking is available during the week along 6 Street SE (right by the playground) and free during the weekend.
  • Age range: 2-12
  • A public mobile toilet booth is available behind the Crossroads Garden Shed, on the backside of River Café

East Village Playground

East Village Playground

Playground features

The playground has a soft recycled tire floor which covers the entire play area. The only exception is the wooden area with wood chips on the ground.

The big wooden structure is a fantastic rope climber for kids 2-12. It has monkey bars and several nets at different heights so everyone can choose what they’re comfortable with.

East Village Playground

There are two musical features – xylophone and drums. Towards the centre is a few stumps to hop on and a wooden seating area with colourful chairs and tables.

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Another climbing structure features a big slide for older kids and a rolling slide for the little ones. The rolling slide is always a favourite for small kids, our son included.

East Village Playground

But our son’s favourite area is the wooden area with stumps of different heights going around the perimeter and across the middle. He’s been practising climbing onto them since he was 18 months, and now at 2,5 years, he can almost hop from one to another.

East Village Playground

Relax options

The wooden seating area provides great comfort for parents, and there’s lots of space for everyone. Or, if you prefer, some chairs and tables are always scattered a bit further by the community garden.

If you visit in spring, you see many cute little ducklings walking around.

East Village Playground

What’s close by

Music Pavilion for summer concerts, the RiverWalk pathway along Bow River, and the big grassy area for Canada Day celebrations are our favourites. Just across the pedestrian George C. King Bridge is St. Patrick’s Island, with another playground and Trout Beach, a favourite splash area in summer.

There’s Fort Calgary towards Inglewood, and towards downtown is Sidewalk Citizen Bakery and Parlour Ice Cream shop, open year-round.

And if the weather ruins your plans, you have several options:

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Have you been to this playground? What do you think?


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