Golden Skybridge is a new attraction in a beautiful mountain town and fun for all ages. Our guide has all attractions, including suspension bridges, zipline, rope course, and more. If you’d like to visit, don’t miss our tips at the end.

Golden Skybridge is the newest attraction in Golden, operating since the spring of 2021. It’s mostly known for its suspension bridges. The first Golden suspension bridge is built 140 meters (460 feet) high above Hospital Creek and the second suspension bridge is 80 meters (260 feet) high. They’re the highest suspension bridges in Canada, providing stunning views of the Columbia Valley with Purcell and the Rocky Mountains.

Since the Golden Skybridge opened, I’ve visited three times already as it’s so much fun.

We’ve been visiting Golden in British Columbia for years. The first time we went, because of so many fantastic mountain biking trails. Now, we also visit for other thrilling adventures and family-friendly activities. And I’m about to introduce you to many of them.

Golden Skybridge

There are so many fun things to do in Golden, and visiting Golden Skybridge is one of them. Golden is no longer a pit stop on a road trip from Calgary to Vancouver as it was many years ago. Yet, I still meet many tourists who are surprised when I recommend visiting.

If you’re not in a hurry, I highly recommend taking at least a day to drive from Calgary to Golden and experience a few of the many amazing stops along the way.

Now let’s talk about why you’d want to put Golden Skybridge on your Golden itinerary.

Golden Skybridge attractions

While mainly suspension bridges are advertised and the most popular, it’s important to know that the Golden Skybridge area includes many other attractions.

Depending on what ticket you buy (more on that later in the post), you can experience absolutely everything that Golden Skybridge offers: Treetop play park & Toddler play park, Upper Skybridge, Canyon Edge rope course, zipline, Railrider mountain coaster, Touch the Sky viewpoint, Lower Skybridge, Giant Canyon Swing, Climbing Wall, and Axe throwing.

Plan at least 3 hours if you want to do more than just the suspension bridges.

This is the breakdown of all attractions at Golden Skybridge:

The Village & playgrounds

We’ll start with “The Village”. It’s not an attraction, but I want you to know what you can expect here, including amenities, food options etc.

Upon entering the Golden Skybridge area, you are in The Village, where you can have a picnic, buy food, and unwind after all the fun.

There’s a Food Truck and a Village Grill offering meals and snacks. To give you an idea of what to expect, these are some options you see: chilli soup ($8), warm pretzel ($4), gelato cup ($8), popcorn ($4), beef jerky ($7.50), hot chocolate ($4), tea ($3.50), coffee ($3.50), ice tea ($4.50), and local craft beer.

They also have a free water fountain where you can fill up your bottle.

The Village and the rope course are the only places where you can find washrooms.

Surrounding the village are also two playgrounds. Treetop Play Park is bigger, with lots of tree houses, bridges, slides, swings and ziplines for kids.

Golden Skybridge

The smaller Toddler Play Park has lower wooden houses, bridges, and swings.

Golden Skybridge

Upper Skybridge – Golden’s suspension bridge

Taking the Canyon Trail from the village takes about 5 minutes to the Upper Skybridge. The Upper Skybridge, Golden’s suspension bridge, is 150 meters (492 feet) long, spreading across the canyon. You walk 140 meters (460 feet) high above the Hospital Creek with Lower & Upper Falls on your right and Purcell and Rocky Mountains on your left.

Golden Skybridge

The views are staggering, so take your time on the bridge. There are metal cables to prevent all along and a chest-high cable to hold onto. As people walk on the bridge, it wobbles a little, but nothing to be scared of.

It was interesting to watch our 2-year-old son walking on the suspension bridge like that was no big deal, while some adults seemed quite scared, holding onto the cable with their dear life. I know that small kids don’t realize a danger when they see it, but as you can see in our video, the danger level is very close to zero.

Canyon Edge rope course

The Canyon Edge rope course is not located on the canyon’s edge despite the name. It’s in the forest just after you walk across the suspension bridge.

Golden Skybridge

Golden Skybridge

They provide you with a helmet and harness, and you go through the course yourself.

It has three levels based on difficulty and includes several small ziplines about 12 meters (40 feet) above the ground. If you’d like to do all three rope courses, it takes about an hour.

Sky zipline

The zipline above the canyon is 150 meters (492 feet) high and is the highest you can get at the Golden Skybridge. The zipline is 300 meters (1000 feet) long, and even with the instant speed, you have time to take in the views of the Columbia Valley while flying above Hospital Creek.

Golden Skybridge

My adrenaline levels went up as I climbed the stairs all geared up, but they went down during the ride. While some zip lines seem scary, this one is not. Since you’re in a seating position in the harness, you don’t even have to look down; enjoy the view around you.

And the best thing is that you can ride the zipline several times; there’s no limit!

Railrider Mountain Coaster

Railrider Mountain Coaster is now open! You can ride alone or as a couple. Even our 3-year-old was allowed to ride as he was within the height limit.

The best thing is that you are in control of the speed, so you can go as fast or as slow as you’d like.

Touch the Sky viewpoint

Shortly before you reach the Lower Skybridge, the second suspension bridge, there’s a small picnic area with a secured swing with a sign “Touch the Sky”.

It’s the most beautiful photo spot at Golden Skybridge, apart from photos from the suspension bridges.

Golden Skybridge

Lower Skybridge

Lower Skybridge is the second Golden suspension bridge built 80 meters (260 feet) high above the canyon. It’s 140 meters (460 feet) long, only 10 meters shy of the first suspension bridge you go through.

Golden Skybridge

Giant Canyon Swing

The Canyon Swing is the attraction I’m excited about the most. It’s now finally open!

This is my #1 bucket list activity I want to try in Golden. Just imagine the thrill – you’re falling freely above the canyon and transitioning into an actual swing motion at one point. I’m buzzing in excitement just imagining it.

If you look closely at the photo below and follow the blue rope going down, you can see how deep the swing is and where my friend is swinging in the canyon.

Climbing Wall & Axe throwing

After the Giant Canyon Swing, you’re nearing the end of the Golden Skybridge attractions. But if you didn’t experience enough already, you can try the climbing wall and axe throwing. The axe throwing is not as easy as it looks. Challenge your friend who can throw the axe onto the target the most.

Tips for visiting the Golden Skybridge

  • You can choose what kind of ticket you want based on the activities you’d like to do (exact prices are below), but all tickets include suspension bridges, playgrounds, The Village area, and Touch the Sky viewpoint.
  • I recommend visiting at 9-10 am when they open as it gets busy, especially in summer.
  • With the general admission to suspension bridges, plan at least 2 hours for the whole experience.
  • If you’d like to do all adventure activities, plan for 4 hours at Golden Skybridge.
  • The last entrance to Golden Skybridge is 30 minutes before closing, so you’d need to be quick to do the whole 3 km loop.
  • Adventure attractions such as zipline and rope course often close 45 minutes or more before closing time.
  • The 3 km loop is on gravel with some slight uphills, but our 2-year-old was fine walking by himself.
  • You walk the trail clockwise, meaning that both bridges are one-way only. If you’d like to do another round, you’re welcome to do so. For example, when you go on the zipline, you skip the Lower Skybridge, so you’d need to start the loop again at The Village, walk through the Upper Skybridge and then the Lower Skybridge.
  • Activities restrictions for kids: the Adventure Pass that includes all activities is only available for kids over 8 years old, 27 kg (60 lbs) minimum weight and 158 cm (62″/ 5’1″) minimum height with fingertips stretched above the head.
  • The Adventure Pass has timed tickets to prevent long lines at the rope course and zipline. When booking online, you’re asked to select a time, and you can enter these attractions after that time. But you can enter Golden Skybridge before that time and walk across the bridges.
  • The only attraction not included in the Adventure Pass is the Canyon Swing. You need to purchase it separately and choose an exact time when you’d like to go.

FAQ about Golden Skybridge

How much is the Golden Skybridge?

There are two admission tickets you can buy:

  • The general admission that includes both suspension bridges and Touch the Sky viewpoint is 40 CAD/adult and 30 CAD/child over 6 years old; children 5 and under visit for free. You can buy a general admission right here.
  • The Adventure Pass includes suspension bridges, a rope course, a zipline, a climbing wall and axe throwing costs 84 CAD/adult and 74 CAD/child. As stated above, the rope course and zipline are for kids over 8 years old.

Good to know:

  • The Canyon Swing is a separate attraction that costs 99 CAD/person when swinging solo or 69 CAD/tandem.
  • If you’d like to ride the Railroad Mountain Coaster, Rope course or zipline more than once, you can purchase additional rides for 15 CAD/1 ride or 30 CAD/3 rides right at the entrance of each of these attractions.

If you buy your tickets online, you can save 10%. That’s a saving of 8 CAD for two general admissions.

When is Golden Skybridge open?

Golden Skybridge is a seasonal attraction that opens on May 19, 2023 and closes on Thanksgiving, October 9, 2023.

Where is Golden Skybridge?

Golden Skybridge is located along the Trans-Canada Highway in Golden, British Columbia; click here for GPS navigation. It takes about:

  • 7 minutes from Golden’s downtown
  • 45 minutes from Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park
  • 1 hour from Lake Louise in Banff National Park
  • 1,5 hours from Banff

How long does it take to do the Golden Skybridge?

For the general admission, including suspension bridges, playgrounds, and Touch the Sky viewpoint, plan for at least 2 hours. That gives you plenty of time to walk across the bridges, even twice, and enjoy the views.

For the full experience, including the zipline and rope course, plan at least 4 hours.

Is the Golden Skybridge safe?

Golden Skybridge is very safe to visit. When you see all the steel cables that hold the suspension bridges, and the cables as you walk across, there’s no way you’d fall even if you slip on the bridge. You can also hold onto the chest-high cable as you walk. Both suspension bridges wobble a little bit as you walk and a bit more with more people, but if you’re worried, just let people in front of you finish the walk and go after.

Is Golden Skybridge worth the visit?

Absolutely. And that’s coming from a person who thinks many attractions in the Canadian Rockies are overpriced. I love that the Golden Skybridge offers access to beautiful vistas for families or visitors who are uncomfortable with alpine hiking.

Walking on suspension bridges alone is a great experience; if you’re an adventurer, the zipline and other activities are perfect!

Golden Skybridge is an excellent addition to booming tourism in Golden and provides fun activities for all ages.

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