Mount 7 is not only an iconic mountain, where you can see number 7 when the snow is melting on top, but also a great place for mountain biking, hiking, and paragliding.

Mount 7 is located in the Canadian Rockies east of Golden, British Columbia. While many mountains are named after their first conquerors, this one is named after a snow formation.

When the snow on top of Mount 7 starts to melt around June, it creates the shape of the number seven. You can see it while driving Highway 95 along the Columbia River between Golden and Radium Hot Springs.

Mount 7 in Golden

This blog post explains three ways to enjoy Mount 7 – mountain biking, hiking, and paragliding.

Mount 7 near Golden, BC

How to get there

Driving south of Golden, take Highway 95 towards Radium Hot Springs. It’s only about 2 km from downtown Golden to Reflection Lake Road. Reflection Lake Parking Area is a base for mountain bikers, and the nearby gazebo offers lovely views of the Reflection Lake and bird-watching options.

Mount 7 in Golden

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Mountain biking at Mount 7

Mount 7 is the prime spot for downhill bikers using a friend’s truck as a shuttle. It’s the base for all bikers, with washrooms and an info kiosk. You can either bike from Golden (take Golden Rotary Trail along the river) or drive to the Reflection Lake Parking Area, where all the trails from the mountain end.

Mount 7 in Golden

The 14 km dirt forest road Bowle-Evans Drive from the parking lot leads to the top where the base for paragliding lunch site is (not the peak). While most bikers choose to drive up and ride down on bikes, you can also bike up the road.

Mount 7 in Golden

We like to earn our downhill rides, so we biked up the road and then chose trails to get down. If you don’t want to bike all the way up, several trails start just off the dirt road. You can easily see them while biking up.

Mount 7

14 trails down Mount 7 cover about 22 km, so there are lots to choose from. Many trails are technical rides requiring downhill bikes, but we chose intermediate routes that were fine for cross-country bikes. Some have beautiful views of the whole valley, while other trails have a nice flow through the trees.

Check out the trail conditions on Trailforks before you head out.

Fun fact: Mount 7 used to host a bike race called Psychosis Race, the steepest, longest, and fastest downhill bike race in the world.

Mount 7

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Hiking on Mount 7

While a 4×4 is not necessary for driving up the dirt road, I’d recommend an SUV, at least. The hiking route to the peak starts below the paragliding launch site.

It starts at about 1,930m elevation, and you slowly gain around 550m. The peak of Mount 7 sits at 2,480 meters above sea level.

While the hike mostly follows an ATV trail and is challenging, the top views are incredible and even better than from the launch site. Remember that you might not be able to drive up the forest road or even hike to the top until late June due to snow. For a detailed description of the 8 km hiking trail, click here.

Mount 7 in Golden

Paragliding at Mount 7

Imagine how epic it would be to see Golden, the whole valley and mountains from above. Mount 7 is one of the best paragliding spots in the world, and you can see it too. Altitude Adventures offer tandem paragliding flights from Mount 7.

Getting to the top of Mount 7 should be on your Golden’s itinerary, whether you go on bike or by car. One way or the other, get to the paragliding launch site, have a picnic and soak in the breathtaking views. The way down is up to you.


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