North Glenmore Park Inclusive Playground is the newest addition to Calgary’s playgrounds, and it’s set in a beautiful park with lake views and picnic & biking options. Here’s our review, so you know what to expect when visiting (+more family-friendly activities at the end).

Glenmore Reservoir has been a favourite spot for all Calgarians. While many people walk or bike around the water, others enjoy a picnic, and kids enjoy many playgrounds.

North Glenmore Park offers three playgrounds, the inclusive playground being the biggest. It’s easily accessible from 37 Street SW with free parking and a public washroom.

The North Glenmore Park Inclusive Playground has been one of our favourites since it was built in 2021, and our son was only 18 months old.

This post is part of the series about the best playgrounds in Calgary.

climber at North Glenmore Park Inclusive Playground

Not only can you visit the playground year-round, but there are plenty of other activities to enjoy in North Glenmore Park. While summer is great for biking and picnicking, winter offers an ice rink with a fire-pit, a night-lit ice trail, and a Crokicurl rink (a game combining crokinol and curling).

North Glenmore Park Inclusive Playground is accessible with a soft floor (with artificial grass and pour-in tire), easy ramp access, several slides, climbing structures, swings, and playful setups. There are activity panels and slides for small toddlers and climbers for bigger kids.

Here’s everything you need to know about the North Glenmore Park Inclusive Playground.

Useful info about North Glenmore Park Inclusive Playground:

  • Location: from 37 Street SW to North Glenmore Park Road, it’s the 1st playground on the left, Map
  • Parking: Free unlimited parking; closest are lot L and lot J
  • Age range: 2-12 years
  • Public washroom right by the playground

North Glenmore Park Inclusive Playground

Playground features

The giant structure in the middle of the playground is accessible via a ramp and goes along several activity panels. The lowest ramp level leads to a 4-person sway swing, then a rollerslide for small toddlers, then several climbing structures with a middle slide and big slides at the end.

rollerslide at North Glenmore Park Inclusive Playground

slide at North Glenmore Park Inclusive Playground

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Ground-level has many musical instruments, activity panels with sounds and other interesting features, a big rope spinner, a saucer swing, and a 4-person bouncer. The most exciting part is the double zip line suitable for all ages.

music instruments at North Glenmore Park Inclusive Playground

bouncer at North Glenmore Park Inclusive Playground

ziplines at North Glenmore Park Inclusive Playground

There’s an accessible zipline with a swing seat which is also great for small toddlers, and a regular zipline for older kids. Other features include a spinning chair, colourful wooden bugs, and a high spinning flower with coloured glass, making colourful shadows on the ground.

Relax options

There are a few benches around the playground and a concrete wall that can be used for sitting. But all around the playground is nice grass, ideal for relaxing. The trees provide shade, and there are even a few picnic tables nearby.

Around the playground

Take advantage of the beautiful views of the Glenmore Reservoir and walk or bike around. There’s a separate paved path for walkers and bikers, and the flat trail is great for little ones.

If you visit during the weekend, you might have luck with an ice cream truck driving around.

What’s close by

If you continue west from the playground, you arrive at Weaselhead Flats, a great wildlife watching area with paths through the forest.

South Glenmore Park has a fun Bicycle Pump Track with different difficulties and a great playground, including a Splash Park.

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