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In February, we mostly travelled through Peru. We found great places for trekking, mountain biking and even surfing. After 40 days in Peru, we were sad to leave. We could stay for a year and still have a lot to do, for example, we didn’t have a chance to go to Peruvian jungle. But we’ve visited many nice places and are grateful for 40 days we spent there.

Month 7 recap of our trip around the world - Peru

Peruvian and Bolivian mountains are tough. The altitude is so high, usually around 3500m, that even after weeks of acclimatising, we still had a hard time breathing.

We crossed to Bolivia at Lake Titicaca, which is 3812m, and walking up the hill to the viewpoint of the lake was a hard task.

Our stats:

Travelled:  1777 km

Spent:  23 days in Peru (total 40 days), 5 days in Bolivia (continuing in March)

Average spent per day per person:  51 USD (48 EUR) in Peru, 48 USD (45 EUR) in Bolivia

Slept in: 7 beds in Peru, 2 beds in Bolivia

Transport used:

  • 1 plane (Lima → Cusco, Peru)
  • 3 buses
  • 3 boats (Isla Palomino, Peru & Isla del Sol, Bolivia)


Seeing penguins and swimming with sea lions in Lima, Peru

When we had a forced break at sea level in Lima because of my breathing problems (see Lowlights below), we started to look for something low profile to do. Seeing sea lions in the ocean with a possibility of swimming with them seemed like a great idea. And it was!

Month 7 recap of our trip around the world - Peru

We went to a Palomino Island, put on wetsuits and jumped in. Shortly, a bunch of little curious sea lions came to us and swam around us. One baby sea lion bit Michal’s foot a bit, I guess he was just curious what creatures came to their island.

Month 7 recap of our trip around the world - Peru

Riding a horse to Rainbow mountain, Peru

On the morning of our trip, I got the stomach flu. Luckily, I could hire a horse to take me up to the mountain because I could barely walk, let alone hike 10km in high altitude. After reaching the very top on my own, I had happy tears in my eyes as I finally saw the beautiful Rainbow mountain I dreamed about years ago.

Month 7 recap of our trip around the world - Peru

Month 7 recap of our trip around the world - Peru

Visiting one of the 7 Wonders of the World – Machu Picchu, Peru

After 5 days of trekking through the mountains, we’ve reached our final destination of the trek – the famous Machu Picchu. We spent the whole day at the ruins, climbed the Machu Picchu mountain from which you can see the whole valley, took many photos of llamas and I even got to feed one from my mouth. It was an awesome and fun day.

Month 7 recap of our trip around the world - Peru

Month 7 recap of our trip around the world - Peru

Hiking across Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Lake Titicaca is a huge lake and Island of the Sun is the most accessible place on it. It has Incan ruins, nice beaches and a hiking trail across the whole island. As the name of the island suggests, it was a sunny and very warm day.

Month 7 recap of our trip around the world - Isla del Sol, Bolivia

High altitude running at Lake Titicaca 3812m, Bolivia

We thought it would be fun to try running at a high altitude. Let’s face it..there won’t be another chance to try this. It was not as fun as we thought, we were slightly out of breath even before the run started. There was a lot of walking but at least we can say we tried (and exercised lungs at) high altitude running.

Month 7 recap of our trip around the world - Lake Titicaca, Bolivia


Acute bronchitis & high altitude of Peruvian Andes

After the highest point we reached when we climbed Mateo Peak (5150m), I had a headache and problems with breathing for 2 days. Firstly I thought it’s because of the high altitude. But it wasn’t getting any better when we returned to sea level in Lima.

Month 7 recap of our trip around the world - Lima, Peru

I’ve visited a clinic where a doctor diagnosed me acute bronchitis – it usually happens when a person is exposed to a thin and cold air. I was prescribed some medication, inhalator and had to stay at sea level for a week. The silver lining was that I really enjoyed staying in Lima. Its warm and salty breeze helped me a lot and I’m fit again.

Overcrowded (and popular) Cusco, Peru

When people visit one place in Peru, it’s Cusco. There are many ruins around, including Machu Picchu and a lot of treks are starting from here. Therefore the centre of the town is a real pain in the ass to walk through. It’s constantly full of tourists, even in low season.

Month 7 recap of our trip around the world - Cusco, Peru

There is no one minute without people walking up to you and selling you famous Peruvian hats, tours, massages or a photo with a llama. For a while, we respectfully thanked and declined but it got so annoying we just had to ignore them. I know these people make a living out of it, but the way they are approaching people is even more annoying than sellers in Egypt.

Stay tuned for our March round up – it will include stories from the rest of Bolivia and Chilean Patagonia.

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