Hop on the scooter and drive through the Indonesian countryside, meeting incredibly friendly locals and arriving at the surreal place called Pink Beach. That is what I call a perfect day trip on Lombok Island.

What is Pink Beach

Pink Beach (also called Tangsi Beach) truly is a unique place on Lombok Island. Although the south of the island around Kuta has plenty of beautiful white sand beaches (our favourite is Tanjung Aan Beach), this is the only one with a pink hue. It gets the colour from thousands of coral pieces and shells in the area.

Luckily, Pink Beach doesn’t have a tourist infrastructure with concrete and air-conditioned restaurants. It has a local Indonesian vibe and offers basic amenities. Warungs are made of bamboo and instead of sunbeds, they have gazebos to offer shade.

Where is Pink Beach

Pink Beach is located near the fishing village Sekaroh in Jerowaru, the most southeastern point of Lombok Island.

South of Lombok Island is beach heaven. Pink Beach is the farthest beach from Kuta at the very southeast corner of the island, and the easternmost point of the Tanjung Ringgit peninsula.  For some reason, google maps show Pink Beach correctly but when I typed Tangsi Beach, it showed the beach on the northern part of the peninsula.

Indonesia has 2 pink sand beaches, the other one is on Flores Island.

Things to do at Pink Beach (Tangsi Beach)

Swim, snorkel and relax. Most people come for snorkelling but you need to go further from the shore. As with most Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia also has a lot of washed-up garbage on the beaches. An unpleasant surprise for us was to see many plastic cups and plastic bags floating in its turquoise waters.


The bay has shallow and calm water which is ideal for swimming. Next time I’m bringing a floatie, tying myself to the boat and staying floating all day long.

Snorkelling at Pink Beach

Visitors arriving at Pink Beach by boat go snorkelling. If you arrive by scooter like us, you can ask local fishermen to take you snorkelling. The best spot is islands Gili Petelu, about a 10-minute boat ride away. Just make sure to bring your snorkelling gear.

Ask in your hostel before you go or ask fishermen when the low tide is, that’s the best time to go snorkelling because you can visit the tiny island Gili Pasir with hundreds of starfish, which only appears during low tide.


You can rent a kayak right on the shore and paddle around the bay. The changing colours of the sea bottom are beautiful.


That’s what Pink Beach is for in my opinion. Sip a coconut, have fun on the swing, walk on the pink sand and enjoy the views.

Pink Beach viewpoint

Just when you arrive at Pink Beach you will see a small hill from which you can admire the Pink Beach. Right before you reach the hill, there are a few warungs offering delicious meals.

Best (and worst) beaches in Lombok

Given that we’ve heard about this as a popular tourist spot, there were only a very few people on the beach when we came.

We enjoyed the quietness, sipping coconuts, watching fishermen or running monkeys, a short walk to the cliffs, a delicious lunch in the warung (small local eateries in Indonesia) and admiring the pink sand beach changing its hue depending on where the sun was.

How to get to Pink Beach

We based ourselves in Kuta to be close to all the beaches but Pink Beach is 55 km away. It took 2,5 hours on a scooter to get there.

The main roads are very smooth and well maintained but the last 10 km stretch on the peninsula was broken concrete with parts of dirt road. This was the most difficult part because it was very bumpy. We also had several stops to take photos and greet all the waving kids along the way.

Seeing the rice fields, local culture, and the beautiful landscape of Lombok Island from a seat of the scooter is truly the best way to explore.

I suggest you download an offline version of the Lombok map from google, use GPS or use the old-fashioned ‘ask along the way’ for directions. There are no signs for Pink Beach going from Kuta and we were just following GPS on the phone.

If you don’t feel quite comfortable on a motorbike, you can go from Kuta by taxi or a shared ride and I’m sure your accommodation can give you tips about this transportation. Another option is to go by boat. You can book a Pink Beach trip right here with snorkelling gear and lunch included.

Tips for visiting Pink Beach:

  • Every beach in the south of Lombok has an entrance fee (which should go towards the maintenance of the beach), Pink Beach entrance costs 50,000 IDR (3.50 USD) per person
  • You can rent a kayak on the beach but there is no rental of snorkelling gear
  • Local fishermen can take you out to great snorkelling spots
  • Beware of the monkeys running around, they seem to be scared of people but they were stealing water from the tank so they might take your food if you leave it unattended
  • Warungs on the beach offer several dishes, the main one being Nasi Goreng, fried rice with egg or meat, a staple food in Indonesia. They also have fish, snacks and fruit.
  • If you’re driving a scooter, keep in mind Lombok is a Muslim part of the country and it is recommended to wear a shirt and shorts out of respect to locals, and not drive around half-naked or in your swimwear. Visitors should always respect the rules of the country they’re visiting to show their humanity.
  • A lot of photos of Pink Beach you see online are so over-edited that the sand looks insanely pink. It’s not true! Actually, you need to have sunshine and look from a certain angle to see the beach being pink.

Pink Beach trip in Lombok

Packing list for Pink Beach

  • swimsuit
  • shirt and shorts to cover up (or sarong)
  • cash for an entrance fee, food and coconuts
  • snorkelling gear
  • camera
  • phone (for GPS navigation)

This is all you need for a perfect day at Pink Beach.

Do we recommend a visit?

Yes!! Although we didn’t snorkel and were surprised a pink beach actually exists, the best part for us was the journey to get there.

Local kids we’ve met along the way were the sweetest and everyone was greeting us with a wave and a huge smile (something that wouldn’t happen if we went to Pink Beach by car or on a boat tour). Interaction with local life was the most enjoyable experience of the day.

What to do next?

If you love beaches, go to Mawun Beach, Tampah Beach, and our absolute favourite Tanjung Aan Beach near Kuta.

Lombok offers a wide range of amazing activities – surfing, climbing an active Rinjani volcano, visiting waterfalls in the jungle, or visiting Gili Islands.

For more activities, read our Lombok itinerary for active travellers for a lot of ideas on the island.

Guided tours in Lombok

This is an extensive list of activities around Lombok Island, that covers it all – beaches, snorkelling, biking, waterfalls, and culture.



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