This was our 4th surf lesson since we’ve tried surfing for the first time in Mexico. Each time we’ve enjoyed it but Tanjung Ann Beach in Lombok is hands down the most beautiful beach we’ve surfed on. What can you expect from surf lessons in Lombok? Read on to find out.

Surf lessons in Lombok - our experience with Lombok surf school

Lombok’s surfing hub is on the south of the island in Kuta. There are countless schools to choose from if you’re a beginner but choosing the right surf school is a tricky thing. It may or may not make you love or hate surfing. There is probably no ideal process on how to choose surf lessons in Lombok, you just have to go with your gut feeling. That’s what we did and it worked out well.

Surf lessons in Lombok - our experience with Lombok surf school

We chose WhatSUP? Lombok surf school and were more than happy with our experience.

Our experience at WhatSUP? Lombok surf school

In the morning, we’ve met our instructors in the surf shop in Kuta where they provided us with rash shirts (protective surfing shirts). Surfboards were already prepared on the roof of the car and we headed to the Tanjung Ann Beach, only 15 minutes from Kuta Beach.

It has plenty of warungs (small local restaurants) where we had lunch, relaxed during surf breaks and played on the swings.

Surf lessons in Lombok - our experience with Lombok surf school

Our awesome instructors took our dry bag with a camera to the boat so we can take pictures and even put some special sunscreen on my face so I don’t finish the surfing lesson with a sunburnt face.

Surf lessons in Lombok - our experience with Lombok surf school

After brief instructions, we loaded surfboards on the boat and headed a few hundred meters from the beach to the reef break where the best waves form. Each of us had our own instructor who gave us a push when the wave came and explained the proper technique for standing up and paddling back.

There were only a few people surfing in the morning. The waves were gentle but strong enough to ride them. Luckily both of us had a few successful rides. I think the most significant factor was the foam surfboard which is designed for beginners and it’s not wobbly like the regular surfboard.

Surf lessons in Lombok - our experience with Lombok surf school

Taking a break

When the waves weakened, we’ve headed back to the beach, had lunch and chilled out till noon. Then we returned for another hour of surfing. After around two hours in total, we were wiped. Exhausted but stoked we caught a few waves ourselves, without the push from the instructor.

Tanjung Ann Beach turned out to be ideal for us. There is also a place called Gerupuk (20 minutes ride from Kuta) where some surf schools take beginners but from what we’ve heard, it became overcrowded and not every surf school’s priority is safety.

Surfing in Lombok – surf spots for every level

I’m glad we went to Tanjung Ann Beach and learnt to surf a bit more. If we come back to Lombok, we’ll head back to WhatSUP? Lombok surf school for intermediate lesson 😉

Transparency disclosure: we were hosts of WhatSUP? Lombok surf school but they did not ask us to write a positive review. As always, everything you read is our honest opinion.

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