Punta Islita, Costa Rica, is a luxurious paradise in Central America. Located in Guanacaste, southeast of the Nicoya Peninsula, Punta Islita has an exceptional atmosphere—and weather—for a romantic getaway full of ecotourism activities.

With the best Costa Rica luxury resorts, Punta Islita is one of the places where you can enjoy nature at different levels of intensity. Beaches to relax, hiking in the jungle, or surfing for beginners and experts, as well as ziplining in the middle of the jungle. An unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Costa Rica is a Central American country with a very diverse geography. Forests, beaches, jungles, and volcanoes, all in an area of just over 51 thousand square kilometers (19 thousand square miles). It has an equally diverse history and culture, and approximately a quarter of its area is protected: jungles full of wildlife such as quetzals, spider monkeys, and other species, most of them endemic.

The Nicoya Peninsula is the third largest Blue Zone in the world, being one of the most densely populated places with people over 100 years old (only surpassed by Sardinia in Italy and Okinawa in Japan).

The area of Punta Islita in particular is located on a beach surrounded by jungle, making it the perfect place to have a relaxing holiday. If all of the above does not sound like enough reasons, here are five more to plan the perfect luxurious getaway.

1. Luxury hotels

The best Costa Rica luxury resorts are located in Punta Islita. The Hotel Punta Islita is the perfect place to really get to know the area, as well as its culture, nature, and artists in the most authentic way while staying in a luxurious resort.

At the hotel, not only do you enjoy breathtaking views that astound anyone. Being at the top of a mountain, the sea, the jungle, and the sunsets are the everyday protagonists. Hiking at sunrise or in the jungle and learning to make tortillas or crafts are only some of the activities offered.

2. Romantic beaches

There are two beaches in Punta Islita, Costa Rica, Punta Islita and Playa Corozalito. The area is composed mainly of volcanic rock and estuaries. The calmness of the area is ideal for a romantic vacation enjoying the beaches, viewpoints and restaurants in the evenings.

Every couple has different plans, and while looking for a more adventurous plan, there are many activities on the beaches such as surfing—with waves for beginners to expert level—, horseback riding, or hiking to learn about and enjoy the unique flora and fauna of the area.

At the Camaronal Wildlife Refuge, you can enjoy and learn about fishing and sea turtle rescue. The best time to visit this area is during the rainy season, from May to November. Iguanas, armadillos, hummingbirds, herons, and hawks are some of the species that can be found in this area.

3. Sustainable tourism

Costa Rica has always been concerned about maintaining sustainable tourism in the country. The government developed a plan in 2002 that promotes ecotourism while ensuring all tourism and ecotourism are sustainable.

The Punta Islita Hotel is a reference in the world for sustainable development, as well as places like the Macaw Recovery Network. Previously called Project Ara, this sanctuary works for the rescue and integration of macaws. During a visit to this place, one learns about these birds, while appreciating them in their natural habitat. The visit contributes to their conservation while getting to know them at the same time.

Many other nature activities, whether at Camaronal beach, or guided fishing tours, dolphin watching, or snorkeling, are always done with a focus on nature and its care.

4. Local artists in the open

The Punta Islita Outdoor Museum of Contemporary Art opened in 2003, after an artist’s gathering the previous year. More than 15 public works throughout the area led to the opening of this museum. Today, more than 50 local artists not only exhibit their works, but also give workshops and develop different activities, even in coordination with museums in other cities in the country such as San José.

Many of the local businesses have supported the museum project, promoting not only the artists, but also the nearby communities as a form of sustainable tourism development, even creating jobs in the area.

5.  Parks, reserves, and gift shops in Samara

To enjoy another quiet moment, but still get to know more of Costa Rica’s culture, Samara is not to be missed. This small town at the foot of a hill, just 40 minutes from Punta Islita, contrasts by being a town full of markets, gift shops, and restaurants, but at the same time it is a true gem full of culture in the middle of the jungle.

On the way, there are different beaches with incredible coral reefs, full of exotic animals, as well as the reserve on Chora Island. Enjoying the different parks and reserves will be the best way to complete a Punta Islita, Costa Rica holiday.


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