We’ve been using the Trend Ultra Stroller since our son was born, and now that he’s 2.5 years old, we still occasionally use it for long walks. I found Valcobaby Trend Ultra to be the perfect stroller for the child’s first years.

It was the most important baby equipment we owned (together with a car seat).

When I first started looking at strollers while pregnant, I was overwhelmed very quickly. There are many strollers in the market, and unless you used one before or your friend uses one, it’s hard to choose when you don’t see it being used in real life (and looking at a stroller in the store is quite pointless).

I find detailed reviews helpful as they often feature pros and cons, and features I didn’t even know strollers could have (like adjustable, almost infinite canopy). I did my best to review Valcobaby Trend Ultra Stroller and provide you with all its features, pros & cons, and what to consider when buying a new stroller.

Disclaimer: Valcobaby provided us with the Trend Ultra/Snap Ultra Trend Stroller; however, we weren’t compensated to write a positive review. As always, the opinions expressed in this review are our own and based on our experience.

Valcobaby Snap Ultra Trend/Trend Ultra Stroller Review

This is my honest review of the Valcobaby Trend Ultra/Valco Snap Ultra Trend Stroller.

Quick stats about Valcobaby Trend Ultra Stroller

  • Age range: from newborn to 22kg (50 pounds)
  • Stroller weight: 8.7kg (19 pounds)
  • Folded size: 89cm height x 30.5cm depth x 55cm width (35 x 12 x 22 inches)

Pros and minor cons of Valcobaby Trend Ultra/Valco Snap Ultra Trend Stroller


Valcobaby Trend Ultra Stroller is modern and very durable. The tailor-made fabric is windproof and waterproof. There’s no need to purchase additional rain cover. I tried the stroller’s material in the pouring rain on our walk, and everything inside the stroller was completely dry.

It withstood a wide range of climates. Our son was warm and comfortable during Canadian winters (with blankets, of course) but not too hot in Mexico.

During the past few years, the stroller held extremely well. And I’m not gentle with it. We took it to Europe on a several-month visit, and it did just fine on uneven pathways, high curbs, and cobblestone plazas.

Thanks to the bigger rear wheels, we had no problem (and neither had our son) when we walked on pebbles in campgrounds or forest paths.


One of the greatest things about Valcobaby Trend Ultra is that they also offer an easily attachable bassinet. This is sold separately in the accessories section, but it’s the essential gear for newborns. We all know babies shouldn’t be carried around in a car seat outside the car for extended periods.

The bassinet has an inside and outside pocket for personal things and a great canopy. You can easily roll up the lower half of the canopy. The flow through ventilation system with a mesh allows for more comfortable sleep during hot summers.

Valcobaby Snap Ultra Trend/Trend Ultra Stroller Review

The bassinet also comes with a windproof and waterproof cover which is essential in most climates. When folding the stroller, you remove the bassinet and can fold the stroller with one hand.

Seat, recline & canopy

When our son could sit on his own, and we transferred him from the bassinet to the seat, we found out how many amazing features the stroller has.

Anything you see on the stroller is adjustable:

  • The seat is reversible, so the child can either face you or the world.
  • The seat has infinite recline positions – the only downside I found was that when putting the backrest back up, you need both hands because you need to hold a strap with one hand and pull up the seat with the other. The one improvement that can be made is that the seat would incline all the way up to sit upright.
  • The seat also has a bumper bar for the baby that can be removed. Although the seat has a 5-point buckle system, we usually only used the lower buckles, and the bumper bar offered protection from falling.

  • The footrest is adjustable to several positions whether the baby wants to sit up or lie down.
  • Handlebar for parents is also adjustable. It comes with a strap, handy when going downhill as extra protection, so your hand is attached to the stroller even if the handlebar slips.

The stroller also comes with a boot cover support bar and a boot cover. We didn’t use the support bar as it was just one more thing to carry; we only snapped the boot cover when it was cold outside. You can unzip the front part, and the seat transforms into a bassinet. So you can even use it as a bassinet for a newborn if you put some padding where the buckles are. Just be aware that the sides of this transformed bassinet are much softer than the actual bassinet.

Another great thing about the boot cover is its built-in mosquito net. So that’s another accessory you don’t need to worry about buying.

Valcobaby Snap Ultra Trend/Trend Ultra Stroller Review

Now let’s talk about the canopy. I can honestly write a love letter to the canopy.

As parents, we often look at other parents’ gear to see who made a better choice. Let me tell you that from years of looking at other strollers, I’ve never seen such a huge canopy as the one on Valcobaby Trend Ultra Stroller.

It looks like any other canopy reaching just above the baby’s head when zipped up. But when you unzip both zippers, you see that the canopy consists of 4 parts and goes all the way down. And I mean truly all the way down to a horizontal level.

If the boot cover is on, the canopy can create quite a dark space for the baby, which is excellent for naps. The extended canopy was a lifesaver for us on sunny days and at airports. With strong lights everywhere, our son had no issues falling asleep.

If you want to check on the baby and don’t want to put the canopy up (as it might make a rustling sound that wakes the baby up), you can use the small peek-a-boo window on top.

The back side of the canopy also offers a large pocket and a great option to roll up the canopy. The extensive flow-through ventilation system with a mesh allows for more comfortable sleep during hot summers.


A storage basket under the seat is another great feature of the stroller. It has a 5 kg capacity, and as seen from the photos below, we carried absolutely everything there – our son’s big truck fit, all of our stuff for going to the beach fit, and even a couple of backpacks on a day trip.

I’m glad I never had to carry any bag on my shoulders.

The bassinet has a small pocket inside and outside. Once you transfer to the seat, there’s a big pocket behind the canopy.

I bought a small caddy for the handlebar to have my phone and a water bottle handy.


The Valcobaby Trend Ultra comes with a mesh boot cover, and the whole stroller has a wind and waterproof fabric, so you don’t need anything else.

The accessories that I highly recommend are car capsule adaptors. We have the Maxi Cosi/Nuna/Clek adaptors, and since we used the Maxi Cosi car capsule, it was easy to snap it into the stroller. They also have an option for Universal car capsule adaptors that work slightly differently but with any car capsule.

I only have one photo of using the car capsule on the stroller, as this was the only time we used it on a walk. Otherwise, as per recommendation from pediatricians, we transferred our son to a bassinet or reclined seat when going for walks to allow him more freedom of movement.

But if you have to run in and out of the car for errands or go to the grocery store, car capsule adaptors are essential.

Hands down the best accessory we have are the Wheelblades. These amazing stroller skis were essential during Canadian winter and while lots of parents had to ditch their strollers, we were comfortably cruising through the snow.

Wheelblades on the stroller

Folding & unfolding

If you’re using the bassinet, you must remove it before folding the stroller.

Using the seat, you can easily fold the whole thing with one hand. But for unfolding, you need to use both hands. Since the stroller has an auto frame lock, you need to unlock it while unfolding it with another hand.

This never bothered me, it’s easy to fold and unfold, and all the great features of the stroller far outweigh any little concerns.

Overall, we’re very happy with Valcobaby Trend Ultra Stroller and recommend it to anyone. I cannot even count how many times I’ve heard passing moms say how they would love to have such a big canopy on the stroller so the little one can focus on the nap without distractions from the outside world.


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