Finding the perfect adventure gear is challenging, especially for spring travel (or, as in our case, ever-changing Canadian weather) with sudden weather changes.

What we always look for is clothing that can withstand a variety of conditions.

That means that we need quality, comfortable, and versatile clothes.

I can say Unbound Merino clothes check these boxes – and much more! After a few years of wearing Unbound Merino, it was time to write a review from personal experience with all the pros and cons.

In this Unbound Merino review, I share everything you need to know about their clothes, including the main features, variety, pros and cons, and answer the often-asked question of whether they’re worth the price.

Unbound Merino company background

Unbound Merino was created by travelers for travelers.

After learning about the impressive performance properties of Merino wool, the three Canadian friends realized that there was a gap in the market. While Merino wool has been long celebrated as a great option for outdoor gear, something was missing.

It was versatile clothes made of Merino wool but didn’t look like hiking clothes. Clothes that were as good on a mountain as they were in a restaurant. And so, the Unbound Merino was founded – Merino wool clothing for any occasion.

Unbound Merino shirt

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Unbound Merino clothing overview

Unbound Merino started with men’s T-shirts and, over the years, expanded its men’s line and added a women’s line.

Their clothing is made of the softest Merino wool, which is biodegradable and renewable from sustainable farming. The wool fibers are naturally coated with lanolin, which helps wick moisture away from clothing and fights odor-causing bacteria. That means dry clothing smelling fresh long after being washed.

Their extensive clothing line includes:

On top of that, the women’s line also offers:

Their timeless design ensures you can wear the clothes for several years.

The muted tones make them versatile and easily paired with other clothes. The men’s line colours range from basic white and black to charcoal, navy, heather grey, sedona, ruby waves, vintage indigo, dusty teal, and sahara. The colours in the women’s line include moonlight blue, apricot, and dark olive.

Unbound Merino review – personal experience

Over the years, Michal has tried the Unbound Merino Crew Neck T-shirt, a staple piece of wardrobe suitable for any occasion, and the Unbound Merino Hoodie.

He wore clothes for hiking and biking, eating out, and even for our family photoshoot. Their timeless design is suitable to wear everywhere. Here are the pros and cons of Unbound Merino men’s shirts according to Michal:

Pros of Unbound Merino clothes

1. Temperature-regulating Merino wool

The magical feature of Merino wool is that it regulates body temperature in both hot and cold conditions. Michal was warm in winter and very comfortable in summer as well.

Therefore, Merino shirts are our staple when we hike in the mountains.

2. Simplicity

No matter the occasion, he could wear both the T-shirt and the hoodie. The simple design without any logos or distractions makes it the perfect attire for the whole day—hiking in the morning and eating out in the evening.

(To be honest, it’s not a sore in the eye in the photos as some big logo shirts can be – as you might have guessed, this is important from a woman’s perspective.)

3. Feel

The softest wool was the most surprising feature. While wool can be itchy, Merino wool in all clothes by Unbound Merino is very pleasant to wear. The material is durable, and the clothes still look like new after many washes over the years.

4. Versatility

Due to the muted colours, the shirts go with everything and don’t stand out in the crowd. That means less time picking out clothes and more time on the trails.

5. Antibacterial

Unbound Merino’s website states that you can wear the clothes for weeks without washing due to its antibacterial properties. Michal tested this theory when he wore the T-shirt for four days straight on our mountain trip, which involved lots of hiking. I was surprised myself that it didn’t smell at all.

6. Less packing

Continuing from the previous point – taking just one shirt for a trip eliminates the stress of packing, deciding what to wear, and unpacking.

Cons of Unbound Merino clothes

1. Price tag

While price is usually a con, and people tend to try saving money and buying as cheaply as possible, it’s true that you get what you pay for.

While Unbound Merino clothes are pricier, they last a long time. That means that instead of buying several shirts over the years and fueling the fast fashion industry, you can buy just one timeless shirt to last for years.

Unbound Merino shirt

Is Unbound Merino worth the price?

I’m always cautious with higher-priced items – nobody wants to overpay.

Unbound Merino did an amazing job of providing travelers and adventurers with clothing that is suitable for many activities, durable, and lasts for years.

You can pack one shirt for several days or weeks of travel, saving you headaches from packing, and saving you money from checking the luggage. They made carry-on travel so much easier.

I can’t wait to try the Unbound Merino women’s line and update this review based on my experience.

I hope our Unbound Merino review has shown you the high quality of the clothes. Whether hiking in the mountains, hanging out with friends, or planning a longer trip, Unbound Merino clothes are perfect and worth the investment.

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