While there are ways to travel on a budget, such as staying in hostels, you can also travel in style and stay in iconic and expensive hotels if you’re interested in the history or have the financial means. Of course, not everyone does, but that doesn’t mean they can’t add these destinations to their bucket list, which is why this article will look at some of the most iconic hotels and expensive spots worldwide. 

1) TRS Yucatan Hotel (Mexico)

TRS Yucatan Hotel is a stunning adults-only five-star hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico, which is 30 minutes away from Playa del Carmen. The hotel offers a lakefront bungalow with canoes and a private entrance, starting at $2,885 per person. The TRS Yucatan Hotel has also been featured in different shows, including season 4 of the reality dating show Love is Blind.

Reality dating shows often utilize stunning hotels and properties worldwide, likely because, as ExpressVPN’s blog piece shows, it’s easy for people to fall in love on vacation, and using exotic hotels like TRS Yucatan encourages this experience. It’s also not the only hotel you can stay at that has been featured in a dating show; there’s also Sa Vinyassa villa in Mallorca, Spain, which was used in Love Island UK Season 10. 

2) Hotel del Coronado (California)

Hotel del Coronado is a luxury California beach resort in San Diego, California. Like Mexico’s TRS Yucatan Hotel, Hotel Del Coronado has also been featured on the screen as it was the primary location of the 1959 comedy romance Some Like It Hot, with Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, and Tony Curtis. If you want a beautiful seaside getaway, this hotel is an excellent option as it sits just across the San Diego Bay.

3) Hotel Savoy (England)

The Hotel Savoy is one of the most historic and luxurious hotels in London as it first opened in 1889, marking Britain’s first purpose-built deluxe hotel that served many Americans visiting London. Many films have shot scenes at the hotel, including Notting Hill and The Long Good Friday, but The Savoy London’s website states that many famous faces have also stayed in the hotel as guests, including Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich. 

4) Juvet Landscape Hotel (Norway)

If you’re a fan of the 2014 movie Ex Machina, you’re going to want to add the Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway to your bucket list as this stunning hotel deep in a forest on Norway’s north-west coast was featured in the film as Nathan Bateman’s home. Even if you’ve never seen this movie, the Juvet Landscape Hotel is gorgeous and perfect for nature lovers and anyone wanting to go off the grid for a bit. 

5) Sahara Palace Marrakech Hotel, Morocco

The Sahara Palace Marrakech Hotel in Morocco is a beautiful 5-star Blue Diamond hotel in an upscale neighborhood in the heart of the Palmeraie district of Marrakech. According to the TripAdvisor website, this hotel is a palatial desert oasis with gorgeous suites and private luxury accommodations, a shop and restaurant, and stunning views of the Atlas Mountains. The Sahara Palace Marrakech Hotel was also featured in the film Sex and the City 2 when Carrie and the girls go on a holiday to Morocco. 

6) The Mark Hotel (New York City)

Visiting New York City is on the travel bucket list of many people. And what better way to see the vibrant city than by staying at The Mark Hotel, a 5-star luxury hotel in Manhattan? This hotel is close to Central Park and offers a range of luxurious activities, from fine dining from Jean-Georges to stunning penthouse suites and Frederic Fekkhai’s salon. 

While you may prefer to stay in hotels and travel on a budget, there’s no harm in looking at some of the most expensive and historic hotels to see what the world has to offer, just in case you have the opportunity to travel this way one day. Even more so if you’re a movie or TV buff, as many of these locations have featured in popular films and shows, including Love is Blind and Ex Machina. 


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