Traveling while young can be the best decision you make in your twenties. Still, unfortunately, many students delay their dreams of traveling for later. They think that college is not the time for traveling. Well, it’s not right. Here, we will argue that the student years are the best period in your life for traveling. In fact, all students should try going on adventures at least once during their studies.

Such experiences help young people to grow, become more responsible and be eager to see and try more new things in life. Overall, there are numerous reasons to travel when in college. Here are the top five of them.

It’s cheaper than you think

There are so many cheap ways to travel. Often, people don’t believe travel can be that affordable before they actually try it. Most students don’t dare to travel only because of money, or lack of such. However, as many people have already shown, money doesn’t have to be the main factor when considering travel. You can do it with the most humble budget. It only takes planning.

Thus, students can find the best deals on hostel rooms, find free tours, and cheap but delicious street food. In fact, you can even try sites like Couchsurfing or Workaway, where you don’t need to pay for housing at all. In return, you may even make new friends! Isn’t it a good deal?

You won’t be surprised to learn that most users there are students. Hence, you don’t only get a travel experience but also a whole community.

Tikal in Guatemala - the most authentic Mayan ruins


Travel can be the first interaction with the real world for many young people. Thus, young people get to see new plans, make their plans, budget, and go around in a completely new environment. All of these bring lots of new experiences, giving young people new chances to test themselves.

Hence, they learn to make important decisions, including how to keep themselves safe and well. In addition, they simply get to make a lot of choices whenever they want to eat, walk, talk to new people, etc.

Overall, being in a new place teaches people to watch the environment, learn from their observations, apply new knowledge and develop new skills. Such experience requires a great deal of independence, courage, and an adventurous spirit.

College life may not give young people as much freedom and novelty as traveling. Thus, traveling while in college can help you grow faster and learn to be more comfortable with making important life decisions.

Mental break

A student’s life is full of stress. Exams, deadlines, tons of homework, and constant pressure leave young people with anxiety and sleepless nights. Of course, we’ve all been through this.

We can handle such pressure, although, at times, it feels overbearing. However, there are ways to de-stress and get your peace of mind back. For example, you can always pay for essay and take a day off for yourself. However, such breaks are only temporary solutions. Traveling, on the other hand, will serve you better.

Travel is a perfect solution to the times when everything seems too much. You may feel drained, powerless, and isolated. Travel experiences will fix all of that!

While traveling, you learn, take control, meet new people, and make dozens of decisions every day. You get to live while away if that makes any sense. Thus, traveling can be a great recharging moment between semesters. You give your mind a break yet fill it with new experiences, riddles, and memories.

Cosiguina volcano, Nicaragua

Meet new people

You don’t know that yet, but meeting new people, or especially making new friends, is much harder in your 30s and later than you think. Make friends while young and work to maintain that friendship throughout life. That’s the best piece of advice we can give you.

And is there a better friendship than the one started in college? Well, we say there is! It’s the friendship that started during travels.

Indeed, the people you meet in different countries can become your best friends for life. Hence, here goes another good reason to travel while still in college.

First, you get to meet new people abroad and make friends all over the world. Secondly, you can take your college friends and become closer than ever before. Nothing unites us more than shared travel experiences.

Why not?

Finally, why won’t you travel as a student? Travel is available to people of all ages. In fact, different age groups will lead to completely different travel experiences. So, traveling when young leaves you many opportunities to gain unique experiences you won’t get anywhere else again.

Overall, students should not let their age or college stop them. After all, you can always find an essay helper online or ask your professors for a longer deadline. Your homework, lack of money, or fear of the unknown would not stand in your way.

Traveling will give you the confidence to embrace new experiences and adapt to new circumstances. What you can’t do, though, is to return back in time and live the experiences you’ve missed. So, don’t lose this opportunity to travel while young. Carpe Diem, my friends!


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Heyo, I’m Maya! An adventure athlete currently living near the Canadian Rockies with my partner in crime Michal. I love running in the mountains, jumping in the ice cold lakes, mountain biking and trying not so common activities, such as mountaineering. By showing that an ordinary person can live an extraordinary life, my hope is to inspire you to live an adventurous life and provide you with tips and tools for your own adventure.

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