Traveling around the world is far, far harder than anyone may have assumed. The planning required is mind-boggling, and considering you need to have almost every step of the trip planned out, knowing how you are going to get around is easily the most important factor.

There are multiple ways to get around the globe, from private jet services to trains, buses, and boats. Here are the best modes of transport to consider when planning a trip around the world.


Every continent has an extensive rail system of some kind. Whether it be above-ground or the subway, you can travel across most countries on a train. One of the biggest advantages of a train is that it is almost always cheaper than most other forms of transport.

Across the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, you can find incredibly fancy long-distance trains that are fitted with beds, restaurants, and bars. While these trains are more expensive, they are a great way to travel in comfort for two or three days.


While you will have to rent a new car on almost every continent you land in, it is possible to drive around the world if you also throw in a few flights. This isn’t for the faint-hearted, though, as the deserts of Australia, Africa, and South America are deadly.

You will need to have some experience changing and fixing tires and car parts; it is a unique and fun experience that is hard to match.

Cruise Ship

Cruise ships have become far more affordable than they once were, and while you will still have to pay a lot for a first-class cabin, regular cabins are much cheaper than you think. Cruise ships are also useful as their routes are incredibly extensive, allowing you to travel to every corner of the globe, from the coast of France to Cape Town and on to Alaska.


If you want a more hands-on experience, then you can travel the seven seas by yacht. Most long-distance vessels have beds, bathrooms, kitchens, and everything you need to live; however, a lot of work is involved.

You will need to steer yourself, know where you are going, be able to read and understand weather forecasts, and plan stops to stock up on food and water. While not impossible, you do need a lot of experience or at least to travel with someone who has.


A more extreme way to travel by water is on a kayak. Once again, long-distance kayaks are different from regular ones; they are bigger, have more storage, and are designed to take a beating. However, this mode of transport is not for the inexperienced.

You will need a lot of experience in both sailing and kayaking, as well as knowing weather patterns. This is also a hardcore way of seeing the world, and a lot of the time, it isn’t going to be a lot of fun.


Traveling by plane is the easiest but the most expensive way to see the world. You can reach every country and continent; if you have the money, it is also the most comfortable way to travel long distances.


If you want a real challenge, then you can travel the globe on a bicycle. This is an incredibly difficult way to see the world, but if you’re up for the challenge, it is also incredibly rewarding.

You would have to camp a lot of the time, travel on very dangerous roads, and be prepared to be away for months; however, at the end of it, you would have achieved something very few have done before.


Another interesting way to travel is by bus. Every continent has several long-distance bus services that will, at the very least, take you to a neighboring country’s border. Be prepared, though. Depending on the bus, this could be one of the best or worst traveling experiences.

Generally, long-haul buses will have ample legroom and sometimes have seats that recline. However, many countries won’t have buses like this, so be prepared to be very uncomfortable for most, if not all, of your journey.


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