You will notice that the concept of European Golden Visas has become extremely popular in the last few years. There are a lot of people who want to apply for a golden visa, and this is one of the primary reasons why there is an influx of higher applicants. In real terms, we can say that the golden visa has the value of “gold,” If you can access it, it can surely give you great returns!

There are many reasons why the Golden Visa of Portugal is so necessary, and we will talk about a few. Even if you search for options and want to obtain a golden visa, Portugal is one of the most popular options that you will get. It allows you to have a lot of benefits, and all of these are great for your development in the future as well.

What Are the Major Benefits of the Portugal Golden Visa Programme?

When investing in the golden visa of any country, it is quite a given that you will be doing it to ensure you can get as many benefits as possible. Some of the primary reasons why you should choose to invest in the Portugal Golden Visa Programme are:

1. It gives you access to move around entire Europe

Most of you would know by now that Portugal is one of the essential parts of the European Union. If you know a bit about visas, you would understand that it becomes challenging to get hold of a visa to Europe because of logistic reasons. But, when you get access to the Golden Visa Programme, it will mean that you will be able to move around entire Europe without any restrictions. Not only that, but this also applies to your family; hence, they can visit all around Europe.

2. Allows you to work freely and build a living

One of the primary reasons anyone would choose to go to a new country and shift there is to ensure they can usher more in life. The Portugal Golden Visa Programme is one of the best for that reason. It allows you to work freely over the entire European Union. Moreover, you will be able to let the wings of your business spread more as well.

When you invest in the economy of any country, one of the significant repercussions that it has to have is success. The Portugal Golden Visa Programme is one of them, ensuring you can set up your business without any problems.

3. Best Healthcare

Many people want to shift to a new country because they are more inclined toward the excellent healthcare system they provide. One cannot deny that Portugal is undoubtedly one of those countries which gets you one of the best healthcare systems in the world. You will notice that this is the centre of the best healthcare services in Portugal. Based on this, many investors want to go ahead with the program.

Suppose you want to ensure access to the most promising healthcare. In that case, it cannot be better than Portugal, particularly in the European Union. Most people would not believe this, but Portugal ranked 3rd in the World Index of Healthcare, and hence it is excellent indeed.

4. Great Returns on your Investment

We need to understand that as investors, one of the most important things that anyone would look forward to is the returns that you are getting on your investment. You will not be able to get easy returns in a year or so. Hence the conditions of the country that you are investing in have to be favourable in the long run.

Portugal is one of those countries with immense economic growth. Because of the returns, this is one of the investors’ best options now.

5. Reduces your tax burden

Who would love to invest in a country’s economy and still pay loads of taxes? Because of this, the investors find the Portugal Golden Visa Programme so promising. Once you can secure the Golden Visa, they will provide you with a Non Habitual Resident Status. The status ensures that you can reduce your tax burden manifold. What is so optimistic about that?

The good thing is that with this status, you only need to pay a 20% tax instead of 48% on the income. By analysing carefully, you will see that this is a significant tax slab, which will help you save a lot of money! As investors, reducing the tax is very important as it will help you invest more in a country and tends to work as a positive reinforcement.

6. Get citizenship in due course

And finally, when it comes to the Portugal Golden Visa Programme, you will also be able to access citizenship in a few years. For this, all you need to do is get guidance from professionals who will be able to help you with this. Also, the Golden Visa is often referred to by many as the stairway to citizenship.


If you need more in the field and cannot understand who can help you, you only need to contact the Golden Residence Index today. Over the years, they have worked with thousands of applicants worldwide and have always been delighted.

The process is simple and streamlined, and once you contact them, they will make sure to get in touch with you and guide you throughout.


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