Are you planning to spend more time with your kids by taking them outside and explore the world? Here are the best outdoor activities to enjoy with your kids and awaken their creativity.

Go for a motorcycle ride

Kids love riding on bikes or motorcycles. If you have any, get out there and have some fun. Watching the nature from any kind of bike provides a different perspective than a walk.

Just make sure you have some kids motorcycle helmets, safety is always a priority.

Play water games

What’s better than playing water games in a pool during hot summer days? Your kids will definitely love to swim and splash water on you and their siblings.

You can either go to a nearby waterpark or fill a small pool of water in your backyard. This activity will keep your children captivated and fresh.

Play soccer

Sports are always the best idea to keep your kids physically and mentally fit. They tell us about coordination and teamwork and the importance of discipline.

So, you can play soccer with your kids in the backyard or a nearby playground. In this way, you will spend time with your kids and tell them about various aspects of games.

Roller skate

Almost every child loves roller skating. Even if your child doesn’t know how to roller skate, it might be the best time to teach them!

In this way, your kid will learn new activities while you can jog or walk along with them. How about racing with the kids?

Plant trees

If you and your kids are nature-lovers, you can go on a mission of planting trees. Starting first with your own backyard, you can move to your neighbor or a nearby park.

Also, you can water the already present flowers and plants. This activity will enhance your child’s love for nature. They will also learn all aspects of gardening and caring for plants.

Set up a lemonade stand

Setting up a lemonade stand is an excellent idea to help people walking around on hot summer days. The process is all fun, from preparing the lemonade to selling it to your first customer.

As it is very different from regular activities, your kids will love it and play their full part.

First, you can prepare the lemonade and set up a small stall outside your house by putting it on a table and adding a short slogan. Make sure your area has several people walking around. Otherwise, you can move to a nearby playground.

Whether you sell the lemonade for free or not depends on your preference. Anyhow, you kids will love this activity and might insist on selling other dishes too!

Go for camping

If your kids always wanted to spend a few days on the mountains or beach, you can plan a short camping trip to calm your kids down.

Camping is an amazing idea to make your children aware of outdoor life. There, you can pitch the tents and make barbeque under the open sky. At the beach, your kids will also swim and enjoy water activities.

Final thoughts

These activities will keep your children engaged, help them learn and explore new things.

Start planning your next activity today and make your kids happy!


About Maya Steiningerova

Heyo, I’m Maya! An adventure athlete currently living near the Canadian Rockies with my partner in crime Michal. I love running in the mountains, jumping in the ice cold lakes, mountain biking and trying not so common activities, such as mountaineering. By showing that an ordinary person can live an extraordinary life, my hope is to inspire you to live an adventurous life and provide you with tips and tools for your own adventure.

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