Going on adventures is a dream for any young person. They all think of traveling and seeing the world.

However, often young people choose to wait till after college to fulfill their dreams. Well, we argue that such long waiting is unnecessary! You can do both at the same time. Students can combine traveling and education.

It just takes a little more effort and preparation. However, you can do anything as long as you have the will. Here, we will offer some useful tips on how you can do both – study and travel.

Choose a college overseas

One way to combine travel and education is to choose a university in a new country. Indeed, that’s how many students decide to see the world while getting a higher education. So, you can choose a country you want to see. Find a college there (or a few) to your liking and send your applications.

Of course, the process of applying to a foreign school is a bit harder than if you choose to go local. Still, it will be worth the trouble.

You can choose a region or a country where you’d like to travel and go for it. The proximity to your dream destination means cheaper tickets, easier travel, and longer stays. Overall, you will have more chances to travel around during breaks and weekends. You’ll just need to organize your time to make it happen.

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Stay organized

Now, travel and education can go hand in hand as long as you have a good grasp of time and strong organization skills. Of course, you will need to perform double planning with your trips and homework. Yet, it’s possible to achieve both once you have your priorities straight.

For example, you can visit everything you want to see in a new city just over a single weekend. Hence, you’ll need to make a perfect but short itinerary for your next trip. Also, since you will travel over the weekend, you need to deal with all your homework throughout the week. That’s how it will be from now on if you want to do well in school while also seeing the world.

Try distance education

Another way to combine education and adventures is by choosing distance education instead of the traditional one. Of course, this type of learning comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, students have to do a lot of work by themselves. There is no professor to turn to for help or chat about classes in the hallway. There are no classmates around to discuss what you’ve just learned or organize group studies. You are more alone than if you were on campus.

However, such self-reliance comes with a lot of freedom. From now on, you are fully responsible for your time, pace, and methods of learning, as well as for where you can be while studying. Distance learning gives you a perfect opportunity to travel while still receiving a decent education. However, now it’s fully on your terms.

It will be challenging. You’ll need good discipline and time management skills. Yet, you will surely get a chance to travel around.


Needless to say, money is a big part of education and travel experiences. Thus, you will need to focus on budgeting a lot. In fact, this process will turn into your second job. You will need to know all your expenses in advance to make things happen for you.

For example, you need to know whether you can afford to travel to the destination you’ve chosen or not. See if you can afford to pay paper owl writers to do your assignments while you are traveling or not. Budget how much money you can spend on the weekend trip to still have enough for food and bills upon your return.

Money will play a big role in whether you can combine travel and education. So you better get right at it and learn how to manage your money in the best way possible.

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Is it worth it?

Finally, let’s talk about whether it’s worth it or not. As you can see, studying while being on the road takes some effort and good planning. Of course, not all students would be willing to keep up with such a routine. A student’s life is difficult like it is, without any further complications.

On the other hand, adventurous people won’t call traveling a ‘complication.’ It’s more of a lifestyle, so you just can’t help but do things differently.

After all, you can always take a break from traveling or use some online help for your grades. Just read these essay writing service reviews to see how many services you can find online. You can see that finding academic help should never be an issue.

You just need to follow your study plan and stay organized. Overall, no one can live your travel experience for you, but someone can sure help you with a paper.

So, to answer whether it’s worth it, we say a big “Yes.” It surely is. As soon as you get the hang of it, such a lifestyle won’t be a burden to you. It’s fun, exciting, and full of precious moments you will cherish for the rest of your life.

So don’t let your doubts speak louder than facts. Combining travel and education is possible, and we just showed you how to do it!


About Maya Steiningerova

Heyo, I’m Maya! An adventure athlete currently living near the Canadian Rockies with my partner in crime Michal. I love running in the mountains, jumping in the ice cold lakes, mountain biking and trying not so common activities, such as mountaineering. By showing that an ordinary person can live an extraordinary life, my hope is to inspire you to live an adventurous life and provide you with tips and tools for your own adventure.