It’s finally spring in Calgary (yes, I realize it’s the end of May, but that’s Canada)! For parents, that means gearing up for warmer months ahead and finding the best gear for their kids that holds up through their adventures.

Let me help you out by telling you about Jan and Jul, a small family-run business based in Canada. They’ve been offering kids’ gear for all weather since 2008, with their first design being the adjustable sun hat (the star of this review).

We’ve been fans of Jan and Jul for a couple of years. We previously tested their rain and winter gear, which we absolutely love. Now, it’s time to test their most beloved sun hats.

If you search for sun hats for kids, you see a wide price range, and Jan and Jul sun hats are pricier. The real question then becomes – are they worth buying?

Over the years, we’ve had four Jan and Jul sun hats in all sizes, so I feel confident providing you with an honest review.

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What we love about Jan and Jul sun hats

Lots of styles

Jan and Jul offer a wide range of sun hats depending on your and your kids’ preferences.

  1. Cotton Floppy Hats – classic hats with a wide brim for the sunniest adventures and the ones we prefer the most. The brim is wide enough to cover the majority of the kids’ faces.
  2. Cotton Bucket Hats – bucket hats have the same features as floppy hats, but the brim is narrower.
  3. Cotton Adventure (Neck Flap) Hats – these have a wide brim in the front and a long neck flap at the back. If kids will be playing in the sun for a long time, this is a great option—the neck flap covers the neck and prevents overheating.

Jan and Jul sun hats

Did you know they also offer Aqua-Dry sun hats? They’re water repellent for all those summer days spent by the water.

Cool designs

Once you choose the style of the hat and think your work is done, now comes the harder part – choosing one of the cool designs they offer.

At the time of writing this review, they offered 48 designs of cotton floppy hats. 48 is an insanely big number! Good luck choosing your favourite; I bet you buy more than one (speaking from personal experience).

Jan and Jul sun hats


I first stumbled upon Jan and Jul sun hats while browsing the kids’ thrift store. I bought a nice hat for my son, not knowing the brand, and was pleasantly surprised at the end of summer.

He wore the sun hat daily for months, and it didn’t lose shape or colour. So, the next year, I knew I had to buy Jan and Jul sun hat again.

Check out their Kids Play Zone for fun printable play sheets.

Many useful features

· Breathable fabric

Hats are made of 100% cotton. The fabric is comfortable and breathable, so you can rest knowing your kids’ heads are not overheating.

· 50+ UPF

UV protection is essential for kids’ summer gear, especially hats, yet many brands lack big times in this area. The great news is that Jan and Jul sun hats don’t have any coating or chemicals used for the protection; rather, the UV protection comes from the fabric’s weave.

Jan and Jul sun hats

· Adjustable

The hats feature a unique Gro-With-Me system so that they can grow with the child. The head drawstring and chin strap can be adjusted.

Both features are very useful if a baby wants to take off the hat but it stays on. Also, if it’s windy, so you don’t end up running after a blown-away hat.

My four-year-old son is wearing size XL, which is intended for kids 5-12 years old. Thanks to the head drawstring, it can be adjusted to fit just right. I’m happy knowing that he can wear it for years to come. Let’s be honest; he will most likely lose it and then grow out of it.

· Safety clip

I haven’t seen this feature on any other sun hat. The safety clip ensures that if the hat or chinstrap gets caught somewhere, you can quickly get it off.

I have thoroughly answered whether Jan and Jul sun hats are worth buying. I will keep buying them as long as they fit our kids. Would you give them a try?


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