Although there is a wealth of attractions on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, it’s no secret that Paphos is the top destination for adventure. If you’re looking for a diverse experience that has just as many architectural hotspots as beautiful bays and beaches, you won’t find a better place in Europe.

Why choose Paphos?

This ancient city is not only home to a vibrant port; it’s the mythical birthplace of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. It has the perfect blend of mythology and romance alongside a bustling nightlife – but those looking for adventure have a myriad of traditional mountain villages, medieval baths, crumbling ruins, catacombs, Byzantine monasteries and everything in between that will tick all of the right boxes for adventure no matter how long you stay.

The best times to visit are actually spring and autumn, if you want to avoid the crowds and the scorching heat. The weather is still fantastic during these seasons however, so you won’t have to worry too much about packing a large suitcase or planning a travel itinerary.

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Where to start your Paphos adventure?

Kato Paphos

Many visitors looking for adventure begin at Kato Paphos, the lower end of the city, as this is where the seafront and harbour kick off the island’s cultural heritage with areas like the Tomb of the Kings. Not only will you be able to visit a medieval fortress at the bay and the UNESCO World Heritage Kato Archaeological Park in Paphos town, but there are plenty of archaeological sites and medieval baths to peruse.

Near Paphos is the ruins of an ancient city where you can spend hours taking in stunning mosaic floors in ruined palaces and villas alike, stop by Paphos Castle and the House of Dionysus too, or even take a boat tour around the Blue Lagoon in Akamas.

Ktima, the Old Town (upper Paphos)

Ktima is right at the core of Papho’s diverse history – and this is the ideal destination for tourists who really want to immerse themselves in the local culture. As this location hasn’t yet been touched by development and doesn’t have many of the facilities that more modern Cypriot towns and villages have, visitors really will be able to enjoy honest architecture, foods and the everyday sights of traditional living.

Here you’ll find a blend of museums set in old houses and stores selling traditional, handmade wares -but it also scales a sloping hill that will be simply fantastic to explore on foot or even by bike.

The adventure doesn’t stop at Paphos

The great thing about Cyprus is that you can find a wealth of different landscapes to traverse, from stunning beaches to mountainous regions, so you will be able to plan a trip that suits your wanderlust. If you take any footage of your holiday,

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